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Art Show to Benefit the NOLA Coalition Youth Fund

As an artist, I know I have a responsibility to the beauty and peace of my city. Personally, if it wasn't for New Orleans and its generous people, I would have never become an artist in the first place. It was in my conversations with them and my attempt to help them that I discovered my purpose, style, and understanding of making art. I owe a lot to this city and I want to give back in whatever way that I can.

After 2 months, the NOLA Coalition has raised over 3.5 million dollars for their fund for youth programs in New Orleans. That is an astounding number. I believe that their leadership will help lower gun violence in New Orleans and I want to support their cause in any way that I can. I hope through this event (and hopefully many more), I can raise money for their cause through the sale of my art, but also, more importantly, raise awareness of their work. I hope that this event acts as a catalyst for those involved with the NOLA Coalition to invite potential funders out, in order to talk about gun violence and figure out ways we as a community can address it compentently and rigorously.

If you would like to help, I have put together a small flyer about volunteering and donations. If you want to help spread the word, please call (yes call, folks still do that) a dozen people you think might be interested in supporting this cause and ask them to attend. You can even meet them for coffee. Coast Roast Coffee is the best in town.

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